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July 14th, 2010 by Divya Madaiah

Gourmet Meal: Kodava Pandi Curry

The mouth-watering ‘Kodava Pandi Curry’, eaten with ‘Akki Roti ‘or ‘Kadambuttu’ (Rice Dumplings), is the staple diet of Coorg.



Gourmet Meal: Kodava Pandi Curry

Kodava Pandi Curry. Picture Courtesy: Anuj Kumar, Executive Chef.

Generally eaten for breakfast, the ‘Pandi Curry’ is a specialty of Coorg and is cooked on all special occasions here.

To prepare a delicious Kodava Pandi Curry meal, you will require the following ingredients in addition to 1 kg of pork:

1).  Three medium-sized onions

2).  Two pods of Garlic

3).  One inch of Ginger

4).  Six to seven green chillies

5).  Half a bunch of Coriander leaves

6).  Two tablespoons of Jeera

7).  Three Cloves

8).  Ten curry leaves

9).  One tablespoon of mustard

10). Two tablespoons of Coriander powder

11). One teaspoon of Coorg Vinegar (kachimpuli)

12). Salt to taste

13). One teaspoon of chilli powder

14). Half a teaspoon of turmeric



Gourmet Meal: Kodava Pandi Curry

Kodava Pandi Curry. Picture Courtesy: Anuj Kumar, Executive Chef.

Cooking Instructions:

1.    Wash the pork and marinate with salt, chilli powder and turmeric.

2.    Add coarsely ground onions, chillies, garlic, ginger and coriander leaves to the marinated pork

3.    Place the marinated pork in a Wok and keep it on fire.

4.    Roast the mustard, jeera and cloves on very low flame till they turn dark brown.

5.    Powder the above mixture in a pestle and add to the pork.

6.    Cook till the meat is tender and then add curry leaves.

7.    Roast the coriander powder till it turns dark brown and add it to the cooked pork curry.

8.    Add the coorg vinegar and cook till the gravy thickens

The curry can be kept dry by keeping it on fire for a longer time.

The ingredients for the ‘Akki Roti’ include:

1.    A cup of Cooked Rice
2.    A cup of Rice Flower
3.    A pinch of Salt


1.    Mash the Cooked Rice.
2.    Add the Rice Flower to the mashed Rice and knead it to form soft dough.
3.    Make a ‘Chapatti’ (Indian bread) out of the dough on the ‘Tava’ (Frying Pan).

Your delectable ‘Kodava Pandi Curry’ dish is ready to be served!

Gourmet Meal: Kodava Pandi Curry
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